About us

My Bloody Valentine in concert

The music we listen to speaks volumes about who we are.

As adolescents, we are into intense music such as punk and metal. As young adults, we progress to contemporary music such as pop and rap, before moving on to electronic and R & B. As middle age settles in, we turn to the sophisticated sounds of jazz and classical, as well as unpretentious music like country, folk and blues.

At least, that is what the research shows.

We started RockZombies.us to share our love of music. We grew up during the progressive rock of the 70s and lived through the arrival of punk and the new wave of the 80s.

Our musical tastes have continued to evolve but we try to remain young in spirit. We listen to new music all the time, while delving into the back catalogue from time to time.

RockZombies.us came out of conversations between Kirk LaPointe and Alfred Hermida, two veteran journalists who are passionate about music, new and old.

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